Approaching Training

When most athletes jump on a new program, whether its a group training program or individualized. They start the program with a specific goal in mind. Even when athletes know that a program is created to help them to reach their end goal. They don’t usually understand why they are working in certain time domains, doing certain movements, or where their movement progressions are meant to take them. Understanding why you do certain things in your training can improve your approach and attitude during training. Every athlete has one or two movements that they generally dislike to do in training.

The difference between athletes is that one will dislike a movement, but understands why they need to continue to do it and can appreciate the benefits it has in improving their fitness. On the other hand if someone doesn’t like a movement and has no understanding of why they need to do it. Their approach in attacking that movement in training can be to do the bare minimum, or skip out and not do it at all. This second approach causes the athlete to miss out on an important amount of growth with in their current fitness level.

So if you find yourself questioning why you do certain things that you don’t like, or just flat out don’t understand the direction of you training. Ask your coach questions regularly to explain what they are trying to achieve with your current programming. Just having a better understanding of your training can help to improve how you choose to execute it. Try to approach your training with a better mindset, rather than just viewing it as a physical task. Mindset can affect the way that your body responds to your training overall.

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